Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boxing Day 2009 continued

Boxing Day 2009

Boxing Day in New Zealand is typically a shopping day similar to the day after Thanksgiving in the US. Instead of shopping we went sailing to Motuihe island. Here are some photos from our day trip.

Christmas 2009

While I never really felt very Christmasy this year we did put in a small effort at decorating. I made snowflakes and P wrapped our fixtures in tinsel.

Christmas morning brought Marlene and Bill! and we had a great day (it was hot!!) lounging about, opening prezzies, and BBQing off the deck. In the evening we explored Mission Beach and Bastion Point.

B and Bill have been hard at work fixing up our new dinhgy:

This is the before picture. I'll post the after pictures soon!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

P's Shrine to Christmas

While for me it is not starting to feel a lot like Christmas around here, P has the Christmas Spirit. Since the most festive thing I could do was cut out some paper snow flakes P has taken upon herself to create her own Christmas shrine in her room.

As we have never been a Christmas tree family she has made her own tree out of a piece of driftwood (from my trip to the East Cape). She has covered the driftwood with red and green yarn, put a silver bell at the top, tied a ribbon around it and anchored it in a green gift box. She has collected everything else in the house that is even remotely Christmasy and has placed it under the tree.