Monday, October 22, 2007

Foreign Markets

I needed some toothpaste so I went to the only large market I'd found up to that point - a FoodTown near downtown. I've also found that visiting markets is a wonderful way to peer into the everyday lives of the places you visit. For instance, the supermarkets in Cebu, Phillippines were tiny and filled with lots of neato items but had then general feel of an expanded quickie-mart. Contrast that to the carbon market near downtown Cebu City that was as scary a place as I've been. You walk through puddles of congealed blood on the putrid walks no matter how careful you are. Anyway, things here are much more modern.
I found this gem of a billboard on my way to the market. Apparently these women are advertising some TV program. Notice however, the small size of these milk just when compared to the US gallons, tiny! ;)
Here it is! Food Town Downtown! And with, gasp, a pharmacy in the store! That's modern!
Alas, who cares so long as I can get my favorite licorice (made in NZ) for super cheap. This stuff runs US$5 a bag at Liberty Heights Fresh in SLC, here it is less than half of that (well, on sale). I should have bought them out.
Pascal can rest easy, there will be a ready supply of ketchup in Auckland, her favorite brand too! All in all, this NZ supermarket was like a small supermarket in the states, lots of everything available. Check, I'm still in civilization. Can't wait to go for a tour of the countryside to find out what's NZ is like without all of this cosmopolitan homogenization.

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