Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lazy Day at Auckland Zoo

Naturally one of our first family outings was to Auckland Zoo. As a former zoo keeper, I find zoos thrilling on many levels. However, in my excitement to get to the zoo, I tend to forget that zoos are best experienced at dawn and dusk. Going to the zoo in the afternoon ensures that all the animals will be off having siestas in the bushes. Here are some exciting wild animal photos from our trip:

After we left the zoo we went to play in the park next door. It was then (dusk, naturally) the lions woke up and called out for several minutes. Gives me the shivers!

Under this blanket is an orangutan. At least I think it was an orangutan.

And as every good zoo warns us: here is the most dangerous animal on the planet. Wandering around the zoo looking at the animals had a soporific effect on us all.

They let you get very close to the animals in the walkabout exhibit. Here is P and her new emu friend.

There were some animals that were alive, awake, alert, and enthusiastic. The hippos put on quite a good show, complete with swimming and play fighting, and it is always pleasing to watch the elephants bathe and the rhinos munch their lunch. Also we were finally able to see a living kiwi bird, though it did stress my eyes as they are kept in a special night-time exhibit (pitch black with a few faint red lights) as these birds are noctural. Kiwi birds really are the cutest birds, even B agrees.


Noah said...

Bryon, Amy and P,

Looks like you are having fun! We're thinking of you 3.

Noah and Mara

Marlene said...

Looks like a great place to take a nap....