Monday, May 26, 2008

Desperate to visit but can't afford a plane ticket?

If you have children in elementary (primary) school, or if you are a child yourself, then you know all about Flat Stanley and the Flat Stanley Project and you can just skip ahead to the photos. For the rest of you let me introduce a novel and inexpensive way to travel the world and experience swashbuckling adventures. Take the following steps:

  1. Read the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. (1a become inspired to write/illustrate children's books.)
  2. Create a 2 dimensional likeness of yourself. This is a variation on the project, but makes it more interesting. (Warning: this can be very revealing, both in a how-do-i-view-myself kind of way, and maybe in a naked kind of way too if you are into that, but if you are into that we do not necessarily want you to continue past #3.)
  3. Laminate yourself. The world is a moist place.
  4. Find an envelope and mail yourself to NZ. Email us for the preferred address.
Upon arrival, your Flat Self will accompany us on our many adventures, much like Miss Flat K did over the last two weeks:

Here is P and Flat K at the Waitangi Waka. Have you seen Whale Rider?

After climbing the ropes of this 1/5th size Endeavour reproduction, Flat K was eaten by a shark, locked in irons, and attacked by a giant lobster at the Russell Museum. She loved every minute of it.

Meet Tane Mahuta, Lord of the Forest, the largest living Kauri tree in New Zealand. He (?) is 51.5 meters high with a girth of 13.8 meters. Flat K thinks she has seen bigger trees at home.

In a pre-colonial maori village replication Flat K got to explore the special shelter where the rat food was kept as she was the only one of us that could fit inside, lucky duck!

We rented a car for our trip to the Bay of Islands, and we all agreed that Flat K was the safest driver. Since she is not used to driving in the states she doesn't suffer with the Left/Right confusion that B and I do (as everything is on the wrong side- including us- both in and outside of the car). Also, this left B free to help navigate as P and I were busy being carsick.

One of Flat K's favorite things here was the trek to school with P. Soon Flat K, along with the 473 photos we took, will be on her way back home. We will be sad to see her go, but this frees us up for another Flat Friend to sail our way!


Marlene said...

Enjoyed the story. Where in the world did Ms Flat K travel from.... some of her background, her take on NZ ... finish the story. Good job. Loved seeing all of you in the photos! Love, Marlene

Adrianne said...

okay- i'll make a life sized cut out and mail myself over shortly! take me to some cool places okay?

Anonymous said...

Please do not send flat versions of yourself to A., please, please please...

- anonymous family members