Wednesday, July 23, 2008


P spent last week at horse camp and loved every minute of it:

I went to horse camp it was fun!!
On the first day I went to see the horse magic show.
These are the people who trained all of the horses from The Lord Of The Rings.
I got to see and pet Shadowfax Gandalf's horse.

And on the second day we went on a treasure hunt on our horses.
My horse is Kenny. I cantered for the first time.
It was fun except Kenny almost bucked me off.

We had a disco party!!! the music was way loud though
but it was fun.

Today we had a Gymkhana and I won first place in jumping,
and another first place because Kenny was the prettiest
there (grooming skills).

Camp was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B skippered a sailing race. He and his crew can be seen in the boat on the far left.

I finally got my registration and will begin working next week! We are shifting (moving), yet again. This time to the burbs. I feel like we just moved and here we are at it again! P started her new, new school this week and we move in Friday! Wish y'all were help to help! Bring your trucks and dollies!

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