Friday, January 2, 2009

Recent Adventures


On the busiest beach day of the year we went to the beach. We had to fight 12 other people for a nice spot at this 1400 meter long beach, but the crowds and the steep uphill-downhill hike to get there was worth it!


B's good friend has come to visit us - Yippee! They are now off to the Bay of Islands where they have chartered a sailboat which B will skipper. Geez, my honey's cool! I'll have to start calling him Skipper B now!

B's good friend was recently in the Philippines and gave me this picture from his travels. I love this picture! The water buffalo is a Bubalus bubalis carabanesis, more commonly known as a carabao. I was lucky enough to meet a few carabao when we went to the Philippines, and I'm looking forward to taking one on a tour with me next time! I believe the sweet set up above is bicycle powered, like a rickshaw. I can probably talk B into this. And P will look so cute riding on top (where she can be as goofy as she wants...)!

Goofy Phase/Goofy Face

P has officially entered the dreaded "I only pose for goofy photographs" phase.


On the summit of Rangitoto.

Ok, here she is actually just proving she has finally mastered the skill of making a blade of grass squeal as you blow on it between your hands.


I've been wanting to climb to the top of Rangitoto island for awhile now, but it was H&A who finally got P and me out there last week.

P took this photo. The good thing about goofy phases is that they can bring out the goofy in others. I have a whole series of fun pictures of H&A now!

One of the best things about Auckland is the clean air and the lack of inversion. Evidently we picked the only hazy day to climb to this volcano. This picture is looking from the summit to Islington Bay. The picture below is from Islington Bay looking toward the summit of Rangitoto.

And now I must get back to Scary Movies with P! More fun adventures to follow!


Anonymous said...

I'd been on and sailed around Rangitoto plenty of times but only recently made the trek to the top. It was a strange day too with almost no wind, very calm harbour and an approaching front providing some interesting clouds. If you're interested the flickr set is here

My favourite

Adrianne said...

um the beach pictures are nice and all but I think someone owes me a really long e mail!

missing you!

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A said...

Thanks for the great photos, robbincapper! Inspiring!

I'll have to plan my next rangitoto summit when a front is approaching!