Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mini Egg Showdown!

Helen, an ex-pat from the UK, and I shared some local mini eggs at work and were astounded and horrified to find that Cadbury's Kiwi mini eggs (properly pronounced "eeegs" here) are not the same as the mini eggs we got back home. They were inferior! How can this be? Cadbury is the chocolate of choice for most New Zealanders. How could they change the recipe on us?! Is nothing sacred?

Fortunately, we were saved by our loved ones who sent mini eggs from home in care packages! Hooray for care packages! This meant we were able to have a mini egg showdown with eggs (and eeegs) from the US, the UK and NZ!

You'll have no trouble identifying the US package, no doubt, as it is appropriately sized. Both the UK and Kiwi bags leave you wanting more (and yet cost the same as the US bag!) The UK bag is on the upper right, and the Kiwi is upper left. I must admit I like the yellow of the UK version - I find it pleasingly Eastery. Also, I like the see through window of the Kiwi package.

Since P doesn't like chocolate (sad, but true), she was designated "the blinder" for our showdown. Each country was assigned (randomly by the blinder) a colorful bowl (red, purple, or green). A handful of eggs were placed in each of the bowls by P. We, "the tasters," then had to use all of our senses to determine 1- which egg was the superior egg overall. 2- which country was assigned to which bowl.

Before I share the results of the showdown I must tell you that it's very hard to truly blind a mini egg showdown and still keep it fun. Next time I think we will go for blindfolds as the eggs from different countries do look different. The UK eggs have heaps of speckles. The US eggs have the least speckles. This was a dead give away to the regular consumers of mini eggs. I can spot a US mini egg from 30 meters. Helen can spot a UK mini egg from 68 meters.

Turns out only 2 people (out of 6) were able to correctly tell where all three eggs were from. Congratulations Harold and Helen (or was it Andrew?). Most of us got our "home" eggs without much fuss, but couldn't properly tell the others apart. We all preferred eggs from home (be that US or UK), with the exception of B who preferred the Kiwi eggs. I thought the Kiwi eggs had a spice in them - a touch of cinnamon. That should have clued me into it being the Kiwi eggs since Kiwis put funny spices in everything (like cloves in the ketchup), but I panicked and assigned it to the UK.

Can't wait for next Easter! Do you know of any other countries that do their own Cadbury mini eggs? If so I want some for next years showdown! Can't wait to taste Ozzie eggs!


Sarah Stewart said...

How funny-I have always moaned that those eggs aren't half as nice in New Zealand as they are in England. I'm used to kiwi chocolate now, but I still don't think it's as good as English chocolate :)

Sierra said...

wasn't easter a long time ago?

A said...

Sarah! You're IN Ozzie! Let me know if you find some mini eggs! You can come to the next showdown and indulge in some UK eggs! Even better- you can have some from the US!

Sierra - sometimes even I forget that I live 7,538 miles from you. Care packages take a long time to get here. Feel free to send one and we'll time how long it takes to get here!