Friday, June 12, 2009

Joose and Steph

I (B) was recently in the New Hampshire for work reasons, while there I was able to visit friends from my university days who live on the coast. This is their fantastic home:

They are quite all-American it would seem:

Then Joose proudly shows off his basement torture room: (or was it the living room? it's a renovation project...)

Did I mention that they are "little people?":

They took me on a driving tour of the coast, and I was able to see the long rumored "Pirate's Cove" (Pirates' Cove?):

Unlike the famous song claims, it doesn't suck.

Seeing Joose and Steph was a highlight of my trip (just look at those smiles) - I hope I can entice them to NZ. If not, they'd better get cracking on the renovation so we can spend the summer in Rye in some not-too-distant year.


Jesse said...

Boss!!! You and your family need to come for an extended visit next time. One day was not enough for a kiwi your size! It was great to see you and your long hair! We will come down under (and over) soon to visit you in NZ.


Stephanie said...

It was great to see you big guy! We hope you and the fam will come back again soon!