Thursday, November 12, 2009

Waihau Bay and Lottin Point

Our goal was to stay the night in Te Araroa so that we could wake at 4:15am (really!) and make the trek out to the lighthouse so that we could be the first people on the entire planet to greet the sun, but we realized if we drove any further we would run out of gas. There are not a lot of petrol stations on the east cape. Learn from our mistake. That is if you can call staying at this place in Waihau a mistake:

At least we got to see this sunset!

The next day we spent quite a bit of time exploring Lottin Point.
We were hoping to see Dolphins and Whales.
We didn't see any but weren't really disappointed.

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bettyl said...

Bummer that your plans were foiled. That would have been one of the highlights of my life! Have you figured out how to be the first people to greet the sun?!