Saturday, October 4, 2008

Skiing on a volcano

An active one, too. Welcome to Whakapapa Ski Resort, on lovely Mt. Ruapehu. Why, this place hasn't erupted since last year! Let's go!

The place was packed due to the glorious weather. This is the closest skiing to Auckland (I hear that the real NZ skiing is in the Southern Alps...) so it's packed on a good weekend. This year has been very good for snow - they might even be skiing as late as New Year's! (this might not sound so novel to some of my UT friends...)
I can report that they have a lovely cafe - complete with venison burgers and delicate pastries. Beer and mocchiatos were available next door. Men and women were happily coexisting. Not a bread-bowl of chili in sight, alas.
I went with R and C and, of course, P. C is one of those "free your heel, free your mind" backpack-toting types from the wilds of Oregon. He stood out. I blended in with my rentals and video-session of P's skiing.
This is Mt. Ngaruhoe (I think). This area is in Tongariro National Park and is home to the famous Tongariro Crossing. Trekking anyone?
Here's P. Nice tongue kid... better think twice before ruining the picture again! It's going on the internets along with all of those embarassing potty-pics we have from when you were 2! Ha!

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Adrianne said...

wow! I had lots of catching up to do! What fun adventures. Love P in the goggles, and the bike race sounds like fun. Tell P hi and that my kids miss her!! Just the other day we were frosting cookies and they both said can P come over and play?? love you all!