Friday, December 19, 2008

Summer Holidays 2008

When I say "Summer Holidays 2008" you are expecting to hear about my 4th of July, my 24th of July, and my labor day weekend, perhaps? Well, those were Winter Holidays 2008 for me. No, I'm talking about Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years Day, the Day after New Years day, which is also a holiday here, and P's summer School Break!

I didn't really explain this before, but Kiwi's aren't very enthusiastic about Halloween, and our harvest festivals (like Thanksgiving) all happen in the fall (March/April). With no Halloween or Thanksgiving merchandising to get in the way, retailers feel free to start stocking and hocking Christmas paraphernalia in mid October. Thus, having already survived 2 months of Christmas decorations and music, I'm looking forward to celebrating Christmas and moving on to the lesser known (to me) holidays. Boxing Day - what is this all about? Second day of the new year - just one more day to recover from New Year's Eve? I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, those of you getting snowed in, drink some hot cider by the fire for us! We will think of you while drinking iced tea on the beach. We hope you enjoy your winter holidays and we look forward to your visit in 2009!



Mel W-K said...

It's got to be so strange to have everything the opposite there. Does the toilet really swirl the other direction too?

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