Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Meet the Varmints

We have been missing our Lola, and pet ownership in general. P especially so. Our lease says no dogs or cats, so we were going to get a fish. P wanted a Siamese fighting fish (for the flashy fins) until she made friends with an ex-pat from Florida. This family also had to give up a dog to move here, and now they are happy guinea pig owners. This opened up a whole new area of pet investigation. Guinea pigs are the one rodent I never had as a kid. They seem so squirmy and wiggly. And what about all those funny noises they make? Will I like those noises? I like the noises the creatures make in The Dark Crystal. Will it be like that?

We'll find out.

Here are the newest members of the family. Meet Daisy and Snippet:

I kinda wanted one with funny rocker hair (Abyssinian), but P saw these baby sisters and that was that. Daisy is the one with some brown. My favorite thing about her is that her ear is multicolored. Snippet has a snippet of brown but is mostly black with a white racing stripe and white feet.

They are still little, about 2 months old. Here they are in their exercise ball.

I was hoping they would run around in their exercise ball, but they pretty much sit like this for hours without moving. Not very exercise-y.
As for the noises - they are cute but hard to interpret. Is that a happy chirrup or an scared one? They seem to like it here with us, and they are fun to watch run around and gibber-gabber to each other. We'll keep them in the guest room when you come visit so you can enjoy all of their rumpussing and squeaking in the night!

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