Friday, September 26, 2008

Sailing with ex-pats

B's boss has been out of town for the last month and, not wanting Hot Prospect to get fat and lazy, he let us take her out sailing while he's away. We've been sharing the love with some American ex-pat friends:

Meet Chuck. Nice guy from the Middle of the US, works with B. We have a special bond with Chuck as he is here alone, waiting for his Amy to arrive (also because the city looks so nice when filtered through his hair). Sailing is a nice pastime while awaiting your Amy.

Meet Tishka. Her family left Florida for NZ and arrived in Auckland just after A&P did. P was thrilled to find such a great friend waiting for her at her new school! Tishka really took to sailing so we invited the rest of her family to join us on a full-day sail around the harbor. Turns out they are a family of adventurers, so I predict we will have fun exploring Auckland/Surrounding with them this summer (while talking about how much we miss fresh mexican food, how much we don't miss The Election, and all the peculiarities of life overseas.)

Meet A&B, Happy Sailors, from the Western US. Happy ex-pats. Happy because B has such a great boss who owns such a great boat, and doesn't mind sharing (even with Americans!)!

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