Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Domesticated - Life in our hood

We bought a car:
It's a 1996 Toyota Starlet Reflet f. The Starlet (how darling) and was only shortly marketed in the US, 1981-1984, but has a reputation as a boring but reliable car in left-hand driving countries. For the American readers - think "Tercel".

Here is our small back yard:
Those little white specks you see on the lawn are charming little daisies:
I'm sure these daisies are an introduced species and are therefore really nothing more than noxious, invasive weeds that are slowly but surely strangling our native flora, but they sure are cute.

This is my neighbor's wall. There are some really great walls here. White vinyl fences don't exist here. Instead they use things like rocks and wood to build fences and walls. I really like these volcanic rock walls:
But it is clear that these neighbors plan on having vicious guard dogs forever:
Although, I've never actually seen any dogs there. Of course I haven't tried to enter the property either!

Coming up next... the Hegemonic Hedge!