Friday, November 7, 2008

Eleven girls.

To celebrate P's 11th birthday we invited 10 girls over for a slumber party. B was invited to join the Coastal Classic that weekend, so it was just me, the pigs, and 11 giggly girls.

Pascal was happy she was able to continue her tradition of pumpkin pie in lieu of birthday cake even though the seasons are opposite and we are heading into summer. Overall the pie was a great success with those daring enough to try such a strange American food, and we were happy to eat the leftovers!

This was my first time hosting an official slumber party, and I was a little nervous. I decided to adopt Nick Horby's approach in About A Boy and take it 30 minutes at a time. Thirty minutes for painting toenails and doing makeup, thirty minutes for dressing up and doing a fashion show, half hour for dinner, another half hour for pie and presents, 4 thirty minute blocks for a movie (yes!), half an hour for the pinata, 30 minutes of pillow fights... perfect!

Here we are painting toes:

Dressing up (so far so good!):Fashion Show:
Dancing to female teenage pop star music:
Dinner, cake, presents (no photos, sorry).

Complete with spying neighbor boy:
Headless pinata and wounded broom:
Gounded pinata, but not burst (for the record I did not tie the girls to the post- they did that themselves. Needless to say, the party was getting a little out of hand at this point):
Going in for the kill (this was a little too much like Lord of the Flies for me):
And finally, death of Pinata and subsequent feeding frenzy:
But being a girl party, the candy was brought upstairs and equally divided:
Two hour break for Labyrinth- P's favorite all time movie (mine too!). I was hoping to relax and sit quietly by myself during this time, but instead I called Poison Control. Turns out the glowing liquid in glow sticks is non-toxic, so if you accidentally swallow some and your mouth starts stinging and your stomach hurts you can feel comfort in the knowledge that is is most likely due to too much pinata candy.

After the movie the pillow fights started:
(Proof that we were in the running for Most Dreadful Curtains in a Rental. Sadly, we have plain white curtains in our bedroom- if not for that we certainly might have been The Big Winners.)

And finally bed time:
Look at those mischievous faces!
Bed time occurred many times that night. I finally fell asleep around 3am. At every sleepover I ever went to as a child, I clearly remember an Angry Mom appearing in the wee morning hours voicing Hysterical Threats. I had hoped to avoid that fate, but I am a mom and this was a sleepover, and while I did avoid baseless threats (Don't make me call your mother!!!!!) I did end up using my Adult Voice, and several girls ended up sleeping on my bedroom floor.

The morning after - watching a girly movie while I made pancakes for breakfast:
Look at those smiling, happy, bright faces! In fact this is how we all felt:
Since this party was such a success, I'm considering inviting 33 of my BFFs over for a slumber party when it's my birthday!

Happy Birthday P!


Mel W-K said...

Wow! You are a rock star for surviving all that activity. I bet Pascal had an awesome time. Thanks for sharing.

SJ Hagen said...

I can't stand the fact that I missed Labyrinth!! Those girls look like a barrel of fun. What was the being tied to the post all about?

Adrianne said...

oh what fun! I think when I consider a big sleep-over party I will re-consult this post before commiting to anything.

But I do hope to come to your party!! nails, make-up , glamour magazine hot tips, guac- I am sure! oh what fun!!

Sandie said...

I have to be honest, I feel a little relieved to not have any girls. But, I so want to come to your b-day party. Will a roundtrip ticket be included with the invitation

corinne said...

I would love to be invited to your party....and watch Labrynth if that is okay. I remember watching that over and over when I was about that age, oh the memories. It looks like you are a champion party thrower!!!