Monday, November 24, 2008

pins and needles

Whilst riding my bicycle home from the beach I realized I desperately wanted to be on the sidewalk instead of the road. I then panicked and tried to jump a small kerb (curb) made of volcanic rocks instead of concrete. My tyre (tire) veered right while my bike and my centre of gravity continued forward and to the left. Somehow I managed to land on my right hand and broke my 5th metacarpel at my wrist joint.

That's me in my first cast. Below is my second cast which P got to doodle on. That arrow is to show the surgeons which hand they should operate on, should surgery be indicated (in case the cast and bruising isn't clear enough). That arrow, written in permanent marker, has caused me a lot of grief as I woke up with mirror images of that arrow on my forehead and on my sheets.

Post CT scan and surgery. I had my bones wired together under a regional anesthetic. Regional anesthetic is fantastic!!! This is the 3rd cast. I get the fourth cast this week which will stay for 6 weeks and come off just in time for Christmas.

As a special bonus you can see my baby tomato plants that are just starting to make tomatoes in the background (Summer! Glorious Summer, how I have missed you!) as well as the roof of our car. We bought a car. Which is good as I won't be able to ride my bike for awhile.

(Title credit - Miss SC. Thanks darlin'. You inspire me.)


Adrianne said...

oh no! I am so sorry that you broke your hand. ouch! hope that you are feeling better again soon-ish!! loves!

corinne said...

I hope you are healing well! How does this broken arm fare with catching babies?

I hope you are having happy holidays!