Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What passes for entertainment around these parts

How do we spend our time here, you wonder?

Well this past weekend we went to visit our Brother-Husband (BH), Sister-Wife (SW) and Other-Kids (OK) on Waiheke where they now live. SW seems to have the swine flu. BH thinks she caught it from Daisy and Snippet. (Lies! Terrible Lies!)

To liven our spirits we had pigtail party:

That one's going on the Christmas card!

That blank spot, above, represents the story that will not be told here about how B, for not the first time in his life, had national rescue forces called in his behalf and against his knowledge. Let's just leave it with don't watch Solo, wherein a tormented (and quite possibly mentally ill) man decides to kayak from Tasmania through the wild Southern Ocean, braving great white sharks, 60 meter swells, and "salt sores," whatever those are, to nearly land in New Zealand only to die 30k offshore when his kayak rolled and sunk, and then watch your husband happily snorkel out of sight and not return for a really really really long time.

Sunday we got chased by a gang of sheep on our way to explore Stony Batter:

And now it is back to the grind until my next weekend off! Can't wait!
Hope you are enjoying the flower pictures!

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Dave said...

Feel free to Photoshop me out of your Xmas photo--please.