Sunday, February 15, 2009

More beaches, more sunsets

This was in Whangaroa harbour.

On Ninety Mile Beach at Ahipara.

I had no idea how many dead things wash up on beaches. I'm quite fascinated by it. Here's my folks and P investigating the upper half of a shark (ok, actually only P and I were interested in it. I even touched it with a stick and flipped it over to checked out the underside.).

90 mile beach at sunset.

M&D and P on St Helier's Beach, also at sunset.

Catherdral Cove on Coromandel Peninsula.

Hot water beach on Coromandel Peninsula. This place is very touristy - definitely the busiest beach we went to, but for good reason! Hot water springs bubble up through the sand and at low tide you can dig your own hot tub. Dreamy. I imagine if low tide was at 2pm it could be an unpleasant experience - like being boiled alive, but we went at sunset and it was perfect!

Finally, Piha beach. Yup, sunset.