Friday, February 20, 2009

Waterfalls, Kiwi camping

Getting back to adventures had with my folks...

Rainbow Falls, Kerikeri, Bay of Islands.

We stayed at Aroha Island in Kerikeri - highly recommended. Can't wait to go back and stay for at least a week!

The rest of our nights were spent at Kiwi campgrounds - like KOAs back home, but better than the KOAs I remember from my chilhood. These campgrounds (holiday parks here) are really popular, and offer everything from just a grassy spot for your (enormous kiwi) tent to cottages with kitchens and bathrooms. There are communal kitchens for cooking, BBQs, and plenty of fun things for the kids to do. P loved the trampolines. This campground (Ahipara Backpackers which didn't actually seem anything like what is advertised on the website, but I mean that in a good way) had pukeko running all around, and horses for P to pet. Plus 90 mile beach is a short stroll down the road. A winner!

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Mel W-K said...

Oh I am so enjoying reading how nice, warm, and sunny it is there right now. Thanks for sharing a little bit of beauty and sunshine with those of us on the other side of the world.