Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Pack N Save meat

CB, a friend back home, was pretty excited about my pack-n-save pictures, and wondered what "rump-in-piece" is, so I tried to find out today while doing some shopping. Wouldn't you know they didn't have any rump in piece today? Figures. Fear not- I was able to find something even better:

And they are cheap too - at $5.82! A real bargain meat!
I'll have to look for some recipes featuring bacon bones. Surely Martha Stewart's got some good ones. If nothing else, good for split pea soup?

Looks like crocodile tail fillet (pronounced fil-ut, not fillay) has gone up in price - now $79.99 a kilogram. Funny that a place called Pack N Save, where the consumer bags/boxes their own purchases in the name of saving money, offers such an expensive food.

And, as always a weird and wonderful collection of meats. Rabbit saddles, fresh or frozen goat...

...whatever Hogget is...

but no ox tongue or pickled pork - very misleading signs. Perhaps those things under the ox tongue sign are rump in piece?

Offal is still my favorite.

I'm intrigued that various chicken vicera don't fall into this category and instead get an area all to themselves (with no special signage)-

Evidently necks, hearts, livers and gizzards are not offal.
I have a lot to learn.


Chris said...

No doubt the locals are putting entries about Amy on their blogs: "Noticed this lady at the Pack N Save photographing food. Perhaps she moved here from a country that doesn't have meat." Of course, they would not appreciate the anthropological analysis that she is providing for folks back home. Along those lines, I looked up bacon bones on BaconToday:
but all that came up was a bacon lampshade; I was hoping for more of a hearty soup. Is the clan on vegetarian run these days or can we look forward to firsthand mystery meat adventures?

A said...

Not on a vegetarian run, but, for now, leaving the meat adventures to friends living in China...

corinne said...

Wow, so many choices...

I will keep my eyes peeled for recipes.