Friday, April 2, 2010

The hegemonic hedge

We have a lot of hedges in our neighborhood. What can I say, we live in the burbs - it's all about peace and privacy out here. But this hedge is abnormally large. B calls it the hegemonic hedge.

Maybe it doesn't look that big in the above picture, but below is the same picture but with and an added P for perspective. It's a big mama of a hedge.

Here's the same hedge but looking downhill.

And this one shows why it is a hegemonic hedge- what you can't tell from the other pictures is that it overhangs the walkway significantly thereby restricting how many people can walk abreast up the sidewalk and inducing a sense of claustrophobia.
Although small or stooped people can walk under the hedge.

I've always been overwhelmed by this hedge. It was only last year we found out Xena the warrior princess lives behind it. Perhaps it's time to drop off some cookies and be neighborly!

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Adrianne said...

maybe the warrior princess would like some bavaria bundt cake!