Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mini Egg Showdown, 2010!

Meet the Judges!

P is our defacto Officiant and is always the Randomizer as she actually doesn't like chocolate and thus would make a terrible judge. She helped to decorate the four egg cups that would hold the eggs for our blinded judges. As the eggs actually look quite different from each other I realized last year we need further blinding of the judges to exclude certain bias. Also, this means scent becomes that much more important. A double bonus. P also handled the random shuffling of the egg cups to the judges. 
A.M., a longstanding friend and chocolate fan, is also enthusiastic about new traditions - a perfect late entry to the judge pool!

H.B. is the reason this whole tradition started! I'm so happy you also were disgruntled by Cadbury kiwi chocolate! I hope you are back in time for next years Showdown!

A.H. is a discerning chocolate eater of distinction who somehow manages to look dashing even in a green bandana. 

As my husband, B.W. pretty much has to be involved with all my shenanigans. Fortunately he likes chocolate and is opinionated so he is good judge material!

Each judge was given a random cup of eggs and full glass of wine for palate cleansing, and told to sniff, lick and enjoy their eggs, noting preferences as they arise. Egg cups were swapped for each round and at the end each judge was allowed to resample any egg that needed further consideration.

Not surprisingly, some eggs were better others.

Hold tight for the winners!


Corinne said...

I may have to come down next year and join you for the showdown. Then I could also bring you some chocolate covered cinnamon bears and we could compare the different varieties of those.

Hope all is well and I have to say that P is quite the beauty.

Mandy Indonesia said...

It's fabulous! I look forward to reading it every day.

ahsley said...

Grammy Gnammy ... Good :)

Anonymous said...

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