Thursday, April 15, 2010

Te Arai Point

Meet IB and his pet jellyfish - a blue bottle, otherwise known as the Portuguese man-o-war. He also had a pet seastar.

If you ask IB what you should do if you get stung by a jellyfish he will tell you:
First, swear. Then piss yourself. Then weep quietly until help arrives.

We spent a weekend with the expats at Te Arai beach. You've already seen B's monster fish. He also speared a red moki and gathered some enormous mussels. It was a hunter-gatherer weekend as we also had an easter egg hunt.

 Te Arai point at sunset with some expat body boarders.

We might have to stop going to the beach on the busy weekends as they tend to get overcrowded. Of course of the 12 people on the beach easily half are from our party.
We're overcrowding the beach, evidently!

Te Arai point. Lovely.

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Looks like a great place to chill out with family and friends..