Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mini Egg Showdown, 2010!

Meet the Contestants!

Living in a new country and culture has taught us to make some of our own traditions, like the annual mini egg showdown! I suspect this one will stand the test of time despite being the exact same every year (but I guess you could say that about most traditions, eh?) because it involves us eating lots and lots of mini eggs! What's not to love?

Meet the Contestants:

#1 and #2 were lovingly flown in at special request (thank you!) and will be representing the US. #3 was bought here and is representing NZ (and Oz). #4 was also bought here and is the not-Cadbury confounder.

#1 is the standard American Cadbury mini egg, and is the reason this tradition began. Like back home, you can only get mini eggs around easter here, so when they came out here last year I was thrilled to buy some and then devastated to find that they were INFERIOR to my memory of the mini eggs we had back home. My friend from the UK went through the same experience. This led to a 3 country mini egg taste test you can read about here.

#2 is the dark chocolate version of Cadbury's American mini egg. Oooh, tricky! I like your style, Cadbury!

#3 is the Australian made Cadbury mini egg that is sold to New Zealanders. I was intrigued to find these were made in Oz as we have a Cadbury wonderland on the South Island, but now I just blame Kraft and move on.

#4 is the "other" mini egg, the confounder, if you will. It is manufactured in the UK.

Missing from this years showdown is Cadbury's UK mini egg. Must remember to ask for it well in advance next year!

Now that you have met the contestants, meet the judges!

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