Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Maritime Museum

I went into full tourist mode today, complete with camera, backpack, sensible shoes, etc., and headed across town to take in the NZ National Maritime Museum. This is in an area of town that was "revitalized" for the hosting of the America's Cup in 2002. Outside is the enormous racing yacht built for the 1988 America's Cup. This boat lost to an American catamaran, the whole thing ended up in court, and in the end some serious rule changes were in order. It seems a strange emblem to start the tour with.

The museum did not disappoint. It began with a remarkable (if very strange) CG film about Polynesian settlement. At one point there is a shifting room meant to simulate the rocking of a large wooden sailing vessel. The history of NZ was pleasantly tied to the maritime history. This might seem obvious but I've been to lackluster museums in the past that were nothing more than a collection of artifacts.

It surprised me that they had the ad that I responded to on display:

Fortunately my passage was better than that described below:

There were lots of boats; from photos of boats to model boats to whole boats. Even partial boats: here's a comely lass:

And I'm pretty sure that my Dad must have worked on (swore at) this outboard at one point in his life.

I loved touring the museum, especially the part about Peter Blake's exploits. The video of his record-breaking round-the-world race had me entranced. It makes you want to go sailing!


Marlene said...

Hi Bryon, interesting boat motor
Love Dad

La Hamburgler said...

So how were the feet after? What was your choice in footwear? Go figure Bryon interested in something other than riding a bike...
Love this shit man, keep me interested in coming out!

la hamburgler said...

Alright, who are you people? "Wob Walla"? "la hamburgler"? I have my hunches... damn this anonymity!