Friday, November 2, 2007

Yacht Race #2

Wednesday was the second yacht race for the Richmond Yacht Club series, the second for our skipper as captain of his yacht, and my second as crew. We race in the "green" category. I got promoted a bit this week - I was hauling in and adjusting the jib sheets. It was a calm day, almost dead. However, there were some fantastic sights, here are some pictures:

G and A, brothers.

Someone creaming us in the race, and looking good!
Sun setting over the city center (as we drifted in toward the buoy at Northhead).

I guess some of the faster boats got in before the sun set, we did not. In fact we were only about halfway done at this point ;). The end was thrilling nonetheless, we have to finish before 9pm (after a 6:30 start) in order to make the time cut and get our race recorded. At 8:55 we were floating with the current without any rudder control about 500m from the end, but then a "puff" found us and we were able to tack and get across the line with 40s to spare! Hurah! That's the way to a comfortable handicap!

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Marlene said...

WOW! What a way to spend your spare time. It makes up for the housing situation.... Hi Rises ... Good luck in your race this weekend. MOM