Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mexican Food Sourced

Just in case I need to get my fix on, I checked out a source of Mexican food near the old ferry building:

Their street sign proclaims "Best Mexican" - but their menu is rather disappointing. This is not encouraging.

Kind of a Kiwi version of a Rubio's. And the prices are near absurd for someone from the southwest US. I passed although the "seasoned mince filling" sounds exotic.

Earlier in the week I asked some people where to find good Mexican food. They laughed back, "like Taco Bell?" Not funny. I sense a business opportunity...

UPDATE: I've now found two more places for mex food in Auckland - another Mexicali and a nice place in Parnell that serves good margaritas, although I did not sample the food. I did go get some Mexicali and was pleased, good "fresh mex" from a couple that spent some time in California. Now, anyone here spend time in Mexico City?

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