Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sailor Bob's New Freak Feature

An old friend of mine is sailing around the world. His boat is spending the cyclone season in Fiji but Bob and his girlfriend Suzi jumped on a chance to come to NZ as crew on a larger yacht. Here's part of the reason he came:

He messed up his hand along the way and it healed with a distinctive twist. He's planning to get it worked on while he's here.

The next post will be a longer video of Bob talking about his new freaky feature (anyone remember the old Bob freaky feature? This one beats his funky nose crinkle hands down...).

You can follow his substantial adventures on this blog or this (never updated) blog and on the escape artist website. or you can listen to the Swedish Pop star NiklasG sing about the man.

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Anonymous said...

bobby bought a boat is quite a pleasing little ditty.