Friday, November 2, 2007

My New Apartment

I shifted today, err, moved. To the Metro City apartments:

It's the one on the left. This is in a complicated mix of mid-hi-rise apartments done in the HongKong style in order to accomodate an influx of Asian students to the U of Auckland. The rooms are tiny flats but I can walk to my work in two minutes and there are some nice cafes on the way:At this place the sandwiches are half of the price of the burgers which are half of the price of the kebabs. At NZ$10 for a kebab you work it out, not bad!
This picture sums up the area - the hi-rise apartments have more or less engulfed an area that used to be made up of nice older buildings. In this case the old building bears quite a burden.

So, I have an address... Email me for it when you finish up your elaborate care packages ;)

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