Sunday, November 4, 2007

Woodhill I: Biking to the Race

So, this week I signed up for the 12 Hours of Woodhill. My plan was to take the train to Waitakere township (this is confusing as the entire northern region above Auckland is called Waitakere) and then bike to the race site 23kms away. Of course the trains to Waitakere were all canceled that day due to system-wide track maintenance and I ended up biking the whole way after buying maps at a gas station and lots of not-so-scenic city biking.

Here I am at the Waitakere Train Station. Lovely. But where are the trains?

Lots of vineyards in the Kumeu region north of Auckland. Lots of cows, sheep, horses, bees, and vintage american cars.

Here are some people playing "bowls" - lawn bowling I suppose. This is a game like Bocce or Petunk that requires amazing precision and a white wardrobe.

Came across this sign - I was neither at the time. It also read "it's all downhill from here" and "keep pedaling" which I thought was nice but a bit out of place. The sign later turned up midway through the MTB race course.
Finally! Only 5km of climbing left! (Note to brother: there's motorized offroaders here as well...)

Here's a bikely map of the route to Woodhill MTB park.

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