Sunday, November 4, 2007

Woodhill III: The Ride Home

The morning after the race was drizzly rain (as my host for the first three weeks would say, it was "spitting") and so I got some hot chocolate from the profane french guy, broke camp, changed the bike back to tour mode and got on the road as quickly as possible.
Another of these signs. This one gave a clue - this "twisting of the tires" apparently happens when wet. Aha! It was wet so I waited around for some action but to no avail. Hmmm.
I biked back via a different route - this time taking a northerly route to the "north shore" communities of Auckland. The catch was that I had to rely on a ferry to take me back across the harbour. I got in to the ferry terminal at 11:30 - the next one ran at 3:40 (this gave me flashbacks of SLC - no services on Sunday!). I figured that I could bike around to Devonport and catch one there but I had just coasted down a monstrous hill, was exhausted, and decided to just wait it out like a bum at the terminal. (M - can you remember Copenhagen? asleep on the park benches? this was similar...) It was also raining. Another moral: without a book it's boring and you'll soon be snoring (while it's pouring?).
Fishermen on the wharf, catching nothing, yet.
Finally, the ferry arrives and I get my bike on.
The old ferry terminal in Auckland. The same place as for the ferry to Rangitoto. It was nice to get back to town. Here's a map of the route back:


Marlene said...

Hi Bryon! Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing.... I loved the white suit games... Later. MOM

Noah said...


Heh. You are such the natural blogger, with all of the catchy bloggyisms and great pics. Keep it up for all of us living vicariously!

Greetings from the rest of our fam!

JEM said...

You are a most excellent writer --who'd a thought? What with all of those letters after your name... It's a pleasure to live vicariously in your upside down world. Thanks pal! JEM

Wob Walla said...

Well you're not lacking on any ride time now are you!!!