Saturday, November 10, 2007

Victoria Park, Albert Park

I previously showed pictures of the fantastic Moreton Bay fig trees in Albert Park, a very picturesque place near where I work. On my way through the park today I noticed another nice detail, a post supporting a branch of a different tree so that the path is not obscured:

On the other side of the CBD is another big park in the city is Victoria Park. Near there is a shopping center that's gearing up for Christmas - even though it's bright and sunny and just getting more so. Christmas is for winter!

Lots of beautiful trees in Victoria park.

However, this park is also given over to sports and there was a cricket match in progress. I watched for a while but I still have no idea what is going on. The "pitching" in cricket is certainly more exciting than in baseball - with a huge run-up and a full backwards arm whirl. I need Brit specialist N. to help me - apparently he will come over in Feb. and we'll make it to a match.

Here's a video of a pitch, or whatever it's called...

If I plan to play sports I probably ought to go get some white clothes!

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